Joseph's previous work has consisted of multi-year, multi-project endeavors to explore, understand and create world-class cutting edge examples of how society can be influenced and shaped to become a more conscious, abundant and positive place for us all to live, work and thrive. He is specialized in creating bespoke teams that can change the world and credited as a cultural, innovation and sustainability leader.  

Conscious Investing

As an asset owner how can you make the right choices for the future through your investments? Joseph works on developing new financial mechanisms, training teams and devising strategies that will change the current economic system for the better.  find out more


Innovation with purpose 

Having aligned his work to address the considerable influence of how technology is shaping our lives and transforming the world Joseph has influenced the transformation of global industries, social networks and mobile. Find out how through fusing human values into technology he was able to create huge amounts of investment and shift a global industry find out more


Sustainable Lifestyles

Joseph founded the first sustainable lifestyles brand in China and worked on numerous pioneering projects including promoting, prototyping and building solutions for consumers to become more aware of the impact of their purchasing habits.  find out more


Eco Entertainment

Joseph is a pioneer in the field of eco entertainment. He founded the social enterprise Bash Creations, which had the mandate to make the UK's entertainment industry more sustainable and set about inventing and developing exemplars that could be adopted wholesale across the multi billion pound industry.  find out more