Joseph's mission is to prove that not only do our current lifestyles need to change, but these changes will bring us more fulfillment and satisfaction. Ranging from global to local solutions to transform various lifestyle industries Joseph has been using a transformational process that he designed called Catalyst to ensure the success of many projects. From a large portfolio, here are three examples of the work that Joseph has done in the area:


east west club

Joseph designed the strategy and training process for the transformation of the eco retreat E-West Club just outside of central Beijing. The family owned club which hosts high level meetings for leaders and private parties wanted to make sure that they were reducing the environmental impacts of the property. After an extensive research and auditing process, a strategy was built to include all prominent factors including the onsite power generation, the pool, the organic onsite farm, beekeeping, numerous lodges, central kitchen areas and staff housing. Currently E-West is one of the most environmentally aware retreats in China and remains a hidden secret of country’s capital. 


Gung ho pizza

The founders of Gung Ho Pizza approached Joseph to request his support in transforming their business model from a successful gourmet pizza chain to the Patagonia of Pizza. Working with the ambitious founders and a core green team, Joseph was able to integrate sustainability considerations into the companies core strategy the business. This also included the training of hundreds of staff members and the construction of new stores. They have since become a certified B Corp and released a comprehensive United Nations Global Reporting Initiative report on the progress they have made. You can read more about their ongoing work here

BeeJing honey We Impact healthy lifestyle brand.jpg

Beejing Honey

A key supporter of bees over the years having funded numerous inner city hives (including the first Hoxton Honey), and as a budding Apiarist himself, Joseph developed his own brand of Chinese honey - Beejing. Sourced within 20miles of the capital from a local farmer, using traditional sustainable methods, the entire stock of honey sold out within a week and all profits went towards supporting local knowledge on the importance of sustainable beekeeping and nature conservation. This intervention is one of many that Joseph has created, supported and devised in order to bring awareness and action to pressing environmental issues around the world.