Working in the intersection of humanity and technology innovation has presented some amazing insights into the future we are all facing. Joseph founded and was the CEO of an Innovation agency in China that provided trends and innovation market research, strategy, prototyping and facilitation for some of the worlds largest companies. With a focus on sustainability and ethics Joseph was able to provide the heart-based direction and foresight that is needed to design a technological future that we can look forwards to.Here are three case studies about his work in the area for you to understand more: 


Daimler's TEchnology Innovation department

A two-year project to develop and build a 360 degree technology innovation capacity for Daimler. The new department was to provide testing, intelligence and solutions for all of their sub brands including Mercedes and Daimlers internal business units. Joseph and his hand-picked team built the brand, constructed the laboratory, co-facilitated the overarching innovation strategy,  selected and trained the department team, managed the communications and human resources process and prototyped the initial technologies. The direct result, in 2017 the global CEO publicly announced that the new company strategy was to focus on new technology and other emerging markets instead of cars. Thus influencing and initiating the transformation of the entire $1.7trillion automobile industry.  Learn more here

Raventech artifical intelligence

The Chinese version of Apple's Siri, Raventech is an artificial intelligence company. Joseph was approached to strategise and design a new people-centric, design led workplace and overall company branding. Working on their vision for a new future we were excited to find that Raventech have been named as one of the top ten most innovative technology companies in China by Forbes magazine. In February 2017 the company was bought for an undisclosed sum by Baidu the Chinese internet giant to augment the work they are doing for artificial intelligence. You can learn more about them here


P1 Social networking

Heralded as China's elite social network, P1 was famous for it's celebrities and powerful user base. Focussed on the new generation of China's wealthiest, the network supported one million young Chinese to connect with one another in their lifestyles and purchasing choices. After directing the successful launch of the network in Shanghai, Joseph was asked to join the team as a senior advisor to the CEO and the executive team. The mission was to redefine the value system of the platform, develop a new sales strategy and work on the team dynamics of the successful start up. The result was an excited and motivated team and the platform developed a product that now has 2.5m users and recently raised 28m USD.