The story of the eagle

This is the story of the Eagle. In ancient American history the Kachina eagle was known as a messenger between the Creator and the people. It was a personification of spirit in form. In the myth the Kachina eagle recognises the presence of life within all aspects of the universe - everything has a life force, and that humans must awaken, interact and respect these forces or they will fail to survive. 

Humankind has ignored this message and we are currently facing an entire world in crisis. We are in desperate need of messengers at this time, to remind us of our need to respect nature. Our survival depends on it. We are all facing the same challenges, both internally and externally. The solutions that are needed are readily available; the question is how we can best harness those solutions for positive growth.  

In looking inside and changing ourselves for the better, we  could gain insight to build for many generations ahead. If we can fly high as the eagle does, see with acute clarity across all terrains and strike specific spots that bring change and innovation which renew the health of our internal and external world. 

If we can let go of fear, greed and selfishness, embracing instead our similarities and shared challenges, celebrating our differences and working together, I believe that we will be able to solve many of the pressing endemic problems of this and future generations. 

We will usher into existence an age that puts peace, compassion and prosperity at the centre of our value system and realise the dawn of a second enlightenment. 

Joseph Tenzin Oliver, London 2017