Joseph Tenzin Oliver

Joseph Tenzin Oliver is an inventor and futurist, from building innovation agencies to advising on megacity development, he has been shaping our world with hundreds of projects and initiatives for over a decade. His work is often years ahead of the curve and behind the scenes, only coming to light years later.


Joseph Tenzin Oliver’s mission is to create, prototype and build cutting-edge methods and experiences that will change the future of the world for the better. A social entrepreneur, artist, meditator and leader, he creates from the heart whilst mixing rational thinking, compassion and action with an ability to make change fun.

‘The Environmental Trailblazer’
— British Broadcasting Corporation

He has dedicated his life to advising dozens of companies, governments, social enterprises and non-profits to influence and design new business practices that improve humanitarian and ecological practices. His work spans various industries covering three continents; Europe, China and USA. He lived in China for six years, where he founded a strategic innovation consultancy that was known for its leading expertise in China’s current and future trends and sustainable lifestyles. He has also advised on sustainable and smart planning for various cities, including London, and represented the regional and national government of the UK as one of the leading creative innovators of his generation.

He has won numerous awards through consistently pushing the boundaries of professional practice and providing breakthrough experiences. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, the British Council appointed him a Leading Light, the London Sustainable Development Commission awarded him the position of London Leader, and he is an alumni of both the world renowned art college Central Saint Martins and one of the world’s leading business schools, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He studied Gross National Happiness for Business Leaders in Bhutan and was a board member for the UK-China Partnership Innovation Challenge Fund and the Green Meetings Industry Council.

In his spare time he continues his passion for photography, advises and guides many emerging entrepreneurs, and is training to be a teacher in a specialist course called Deep Listening, which provides support for those with terminal illness and that are going through crisis. As a life-long learner he regularly takes part-time courses as diverse as Theory U at MIT or how to build neural networks and nutrition. He is a staunch believer in daily contemplative meditation and considers it to be like going to the gym for the mind. As a keen heart-based activist Joseph supports various charities and causes across the world and is an unceasing optimist about the potential for changing ourselves and our external world for the better.



Joseph has been interviewed and covered by a number of media outlets below are some of them: