Privacy Policy - In accordance with GDPR

1. How do I collect your data? I have your email and name because I met you and were given your business card or contact details or because you attended an event of mine or because you signed up to my newsletter. I don't keep any other information about you apart from your email and name for mailing purposes. 

2. Why do i collect the data? I collect this information to share with you the interesting things I'm up to. I don't share this info with any other third parties

3. Is it protected? Your info is securely kept on databases that are hosted by a data protection compliant service provider. I protect your data.

4. Your rights? You can request the data I have on you anytime (your name and email) you also have the right to ask me to delete it. If you want either then please email me directly: joe (@) joetoliver (dot) com.

5. If you ever want to unsubscribe you can also just do that at the bottom of each newsletter, at anytime.